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Scull roof racks for your car

Rowperfect is pleased to introduce car carry racks for single sculls as an addition to our range.

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Rowperfect is pleased to introduce car carry racks for single sculls as an addition to our range. width=

These racks are robust and come highly recommended by users.

Your boat is held firmly with no pressure at any point.  The boat cannot move or shift.  It’s a proven system that works well and is suitable to carry single scull rowing boats and/or canoes.

Rack specifications included accessories

  • Length: 2.7 metres
  • Weight: 6 Kilograms
  • Construction: Galvanised steel (can be stored outside indefinitely)
  • Support straps: 2″ wide car seat belt webbing, immensely strong
  • 1 Pair of U-bolt clamps: 75mm diameter
  • 6m of hazard tape for marking the ends of the boat

Buy one from our online shop – we have them in stock now for immediate delivery.

Storage and Racking includes oar racks, boat racks and car top racks

Your car should be fitted with a pair of roof bars, which go across the car. The Boat Rack lies on these, along the length of the car.

The clamps fit around your roof bars and the rack on a diagonal, facing either way up.

Roof carrying a rowing boat

Slip the support straps onto the rack. The boat or canoe can then be placed on the rack and tied on securely as pictured.

Both ends of the boats must be marked with a rag or flag in order to comply with UK law.  Six metres of hazard tape is supplied with the purchase of a rack for this purpose, although a white rag will do.


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3 thoughts on “Scull roof racks for your car

  1. Dear Sirs,
    I would like to purchase a Scull roof rack to transport a 60-70kg wooden sculling boat. Can you advise which one I should purchase from you?

  2. The fact that the rack is made from galvanized steel is a real deal breaker. I don’t have any room to store a large rack when not in use but I can just tie this up in the garden and it will not corrode or get rusty.

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