My car roof rack for a single scull wobbles

We’ve just tried attaching the rack and boat to our car and it seems rather wobbly. Is this normal?

If the wobble is longitudinal – this is normal. A bit of flex allows bumps in the road to be absorbed by the roof rack and not to

car rowing roof rack
Car rowing roof rack

damage the boat.
Now, if the wobble is around the fixings onto the roof rack – yes that’s a problem and it needs to be firm.

Here is some additional reading which may help

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2 thoughts on “My car roof rack for a single scull wobbles

  1. Chris Kenyon says:

    It looks as if you have the boat rack mounted on a standard roof rack. You really need it on a ladder type roof rack so that there is as much distance as possible between the points at which the boat rack is attached to the roof rack. You picture an estate car so you can take advantage of its longer roof line. Do please look at the British Rowing advice on transporting boats and also, if you can the Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations. Failure to comply will attract the attention of the law and could be expensive…..!

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