Can I take my single scull on the car?

I’m a Kuwaiti Lightweight sculler and I have a question with regards to a boat rack. I wanted to know if my car roof bars will be able to support my single boat (14.6 kg) once I have installed two crossbars on the roof bars. My car Model is Toyota Land Cruiser GXR 2012. Any help you can provide would be of great help. Thank you.

The key issue with taking a single on your car roof rack is the spread of the support along the length of your boat.

You do not want the front and back bouncing around on the road.

For this reason most boat carry racks lengthen the support to being closer to the front and back of the boat so the support is greater.  They also advocate tying down the bow and stern with loose straps to the car bumpers so that they can move a bit but not a lot.  Read this blog post

Send us a photo of your rig on your roof rack and we can see if it looks good!

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