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RUBENETTI Boats are now available at ROWPERFECT

RUBENETTI boats are now available at Rowperfect! Rowperfect UK is very delighted to announce that from 2021 Rowperfect … read more

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RUBENETTI boats are now available at Rowperfect!

Rowperfect UK is very delighted to announce that from 2021 Rowperfect will be the UK and Ireland distributor of RUBENETTI coastal boats. They are known as a very fast and stable boats, able to match those made by much larger companies at a very competitive price.

The range of boats is broad and customers find the right boat for the right rowing level. From Coastal Solos for beginners to Doubles for elite rowers. Have a look at our website!

Rubenetti Coastal Boats

Demo Boats

Our demo boats are based in the East Midlands, and we will be attending selected coastal regattas throughout 2021 (Covid 19 allowing). To try one for yourself and for details of our planned events contact Gary at

A Rubenetti Boat is a unique piece, there is no other boat like it. Wave piercing, Axe bow, design carbon rigger, stretcher, folding rigger, always looking to get out of the standard to offer you an incredible and unique boat. The company has been manufacturing high quality boats in Spain since 2015.

Have a closer look at the different boats:


RUBENETTI 1x – SHORT: Lakes, River And Coast.

Our smallest! RUBENETTI CO 1x -SHORT. This boat can be transported on your car roof. Whenever, wherever you go. Short, stable and fits perfect on the roof of most cars. The ideal option for holidays or weekend trips!

really fast coastal boats

RUBENETTI 1x CLUB: Robust, stable and competitive.

The RUBENETTI 1x CLUB is an ideal beginners boat. For individuals and clubs who want to enter the world of rowing. Clubs as well as individual rowers love this boat as an easy learn-to-row boat for training and first coastal rowing experience.

Coastal Rowing und Beach Sprint

RUBENETTI 2x CLUB: Our most stable double.

Try our RUBENETTI 2x CLUB for coastal rowing! Go out to enjoy a pleasant lake ride, in the sea, or allow yourself to surf waves on the most rough days. Its hull is very stable even with big waves, it has a perfect balance between stability and speed and is able to cope with the fastest models on the market.


The fastest boat from

RUBENETTI  1x Race: Easy to row, very stiff, fast in turns. 

The RUBENETTI 1x RACE – Probably the fastest single at the coast! We did a little facelift in 2020 to our RUBENETTI 1x Race to lower the center of gravity and make it more stable. In 2020 we have made a facelift to lower the center of gravity and make it more stable. The design of his hull makes him feel light and easy to paddle, “very stiff”, “reactive”, “fast in turns”, are some of the comments that have left us international rowers.



RUBENETTI 2x RACE: Probably one of the fastest 2020 boats on the market.

Try our Rubenetti 2x Race for coastal rowing. This is one of the best performing coastal boats on the market. Comes in 3 different models. Born and designed in 2020 for coastal rowing.  The design of hull, bow and stern has been optimised to achieve a perfect balance between stability and speed.



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