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RUBENETTI 1x SHORT – Our smallest

Our smallest! RUBENETTI CO 1x -SHORT. This boat can be transported on your car roof. Whenever, wherever you … read more

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Our smallest! RUBENETTI CO 1x -SHORT. This boat can be transported on your car roof. Whenever, wherever you go. Short, stable and fits perfect on the roof of most cars. The ideal option for holidays or weekend trips!


In the next couple of days we will introduce the different new boats we have on offer now! Our demo boats are available in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland and soon in Austria. Furthermore, we will be attending selected coastal regattas throughout 2021 (Covid 19 allowing). To try one for yourself and for details of our planned events please contact Gary at

Lets have a look at the RUBENETTI 1x SHORT

Currently in development, it will be our off-road model. Thanks to its 4.8 meter length you can transport it in the roof rack of
any vehicle, and weighing only 25 kg. you can load it comfortably without help.

RUBENETTI 1x short Fast and stable

Ideal for novice rowers, people with reduced mobility, school boats etc.

The RUBENETTI 1X SHORT is designed to facilitate storage and transport. It is the boat you need for your holidays, going for a row for pleasure and enjoying nature.

Available in 2 versions:

BEGINNERSGlass Fiber, Coremat and PVCVinylesterManual LaminationApprox. 30kg4.8m1mWing Rigger, quick release systemWhite Papyrus
NATIONALGlass Fiber, Soric Sandwich and PVCVinilesterInfusionApprox. 24-26kg4.8m1mWing Rigger, quick release systemRAL to Choose



Rubenetti is a dream come true. At 10 years old I joined rowing and since then I have not stopped practicing this sport. From a very young age I imagined myself rowing a boat made by myself.

In 2013, almost by chance, I participated in the Coastal Rowing World Championship in Helsingborg and discovered the coastal rowing, after returninf from this trip I could not get it out of my head, the coastal rowing was perfect, stable, fun, all the world could practice it and anywhere. After that I decided to start Rubenetti boats in Alicante, Spain, the city where I live.

Rowing is a philosophy of life, perseverance, improvement and dedication, we have transferred those same values to our company, and since we were born we have evolved along with our models, putting all our efforts into taking care of even the smallest detail of our boats.


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