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RUBENETTI 2x RACE for coastal rowing


When you row it you will experience the following:

  • a perfect balance of stability and speed.
  • waves are cut smoothly and boat jumping is reduced to a minimum.
  • each stroke will be transmitted directly to the water.
  • direct boat movements at buoys and turns.
  • More information, datasheet and pricing:
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*Model according to the FISA Coastal Rowing regulations.

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Rubenetti 2x Race: Probably one of the fastest 2020 boats on the market

Try our Rubenetti 2x Race for coastal rowing. This is one of the best performing coastal boats on the market. Comes in 3 different models. Born and designed in 2020 for coastal rowing.  The design of hull, bow and stern has been optimised to achieve a perfect balance between stability and speed.

Features: Our 2x Race in Detail


The R model has a bow wing rigger (also available in carbon), this arrangement
of the riggers causes the forces to be transmitted directly to the boat, in this way there is no loss of energy. Coated with satin black powder paint, it will stand the test of time without corrosion.


All R range comes standard with adjustable active tools shoes and carbon stretcher. Like other models, it also has storage compartments and a front net to hold the life jacket.

Axe Bow

Its axe bow opens the water to the rest
of the hull fluidly, prevents the boat from pitching and hitting the water in the jumps, this makes the boat flow through the waves and the speed is constant. This means that the rower does not have to start the boat on every wave and saves energy.

Drain Plugs

Stern, bow, and center. Our boats are manufactured with 3 independent compartments to offer you great security in the event of a collision or breakdown.

NATIONALGlass Fiber, Soric Sandwich and PVCVinylesterInfusionApprox. 55kg7.5m1mAluminiumRAL to Choose
INTERNATIONAL100% Carbon, Soric Sandwich and PVCVinylesterInfusionApprox. 55kg7.5m1mAluminiumRAL to Choose
ELITE100% Carbon, 5mm Corecell and PVCEpoxyInfusionApprox. 55kg7.5m1mAluminiumRAL to Choose



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