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Rowperfect Newsletter September 2007

Another year is starting for the northern hemisphere. We are noticing a real sea-change in rowing and sculling

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Dear Rowperfect community

Another year is starting for the northern hemisphere. We are noticing a real sea-change in rowing and sculling as new products are being developed many more clubs and individuals are prepared to try out something new. This is very encouraging because Rowperfect UK tries to stay up to date with new technologies and products to help you row and scull with improved technique and to go faster.

The first new product we will be launching this year is from Coxmate. The top of the range Coxmate SCT now has a GPS speed measurement plug-in that needs no calibration and is a little smaller than a credit card. We are taking orders now.
We have two interviews in this issue. Craig Hoffman a top international junior sculling coach and Michelle Guerette the USA womens single sculler. Both bring insight into the USA sculling capabilities on the world scene.
Rebecca Caroe and Grant Craies, Rowperfect UK

Rowperfect Newsletter September 2007

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

2 thoughts on “Rowperfect Newsletter September 2007

  1. Hi Rebecca
    Particularly enjoyed the interviews … especially the Michelle G one – she sounds like a real person we wouldn’t mind having a drink with!
    Good luck with sales of Christmas presents – if you have flyers you want me to have on the stall at HOR4s just drop them with us at Vesta on the day. All the Magik Oarlocks flyers have gone.
    And if you get a chance please have a click on my new website – decided to fight the lack of Summer by improving e-shopping!
    see you on the river bank

  2. Thanks, Di,
    We are really grateful for your comment and of course your continued support for Rowperfect adn our products.

    [Backstory: We both had the idea of promoting Christmas Presents for Rowers last year and were really pleased when Regatta Magazine ran it.]

    I will send you another lot of flyers for your stand. Definitely see you at the Fours Head!

    Best wishes

    Rebecca and Grant

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