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Quarterly Rowing Club Fundraising Ideas: End Of The Year Fundraising

Every few months we bring you ideas on activities to help you raise funds for your rowing club … read more

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Every few months we bring you ideas on activities to help you raise funds for your rowing club activities.

For loads more detailed ideas and plans on fundraising for your club, pick up
The Club Fundraising guide book

At the end of the year everyone comes off work and prepares to party. We say take advantage of this opportune time of year to raise funds for your rowing club. Here’s our list of ideas you can bring to your parties for the end of 2013: width=

  • Classic party, perhaps tied to a milestone – celebrate an achievement or this year of club activities with an end of year party like the Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Association.
  • Cocktail style – if you enjoy fancy dress, put on a cocktail evening. This is great for attracting important supporters and a respected community crowd.

  • Themed parties – get your club and community to dress up and raise funds. Halloween has passed so you can’t follow the Newburgh Rowing Club, but Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner.
  • Get a quiz night going – quiz nights are simple and fun for the entire community, and popular for rowing clubs such as the Ely Rowing Club. They bring teamwork and relationship building exercises to a great evening out. Discover how to create a successful quiz night on the Inspired Adventures blog.
  • Run a movie viewing – this time of year is full of blockbuster movies. Contact a local cinema and see if you can organise a private fundraiser viewing of the top film for the month just like Wellington College Rowing did with The Hobbit.

If you’ve had any success with other end of year fundraising activities for your club, leave us a comment and let us know. Don’t forget to pick up our Club Fundraising guide book for more ideas.


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