Rowperfect Newsletter January 2008

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Dear Rowperfect community

Welcome to another year of training, competition and improving your rowing, sculling and coaching skills!  We spent Christmas working very hard because we launched the online Shop for Rowperfect at the end of November and we would like to thank everyone who bought online from Rowperfect UK.  The shop stocks all our major products, books and DVDs as well as popular spare parts and accessories like sculling grips, pitchmeters, gates and inserts.  Take a look around for yourself.

This newsletter has links back to our website news page where you can read full articles.  We hope you enjoy the interview with Hester Goodsell from WL2x.  There is also a list of special offers on our products on the last page. 

Rowperfect will be at the ARA conference next weekend (January 26-27).  The theme is "Participation to Podium" and we will be live-blogging the speakers during the session.  Check back to our news page for hourly updates on what’s going on; what the speakers say; gossip – especially if you can’t get along yourself.

Please help us to spread the word about the Rowperfect News Pages and pass this onto your club email group or noticeboard.

Thank you and happy rowing!

Grant Craies and Rebecca Caroe

If you want to read the full articles click here – Rowperfect Newsletter

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