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RP3 Dynamic Rowing Machine

The latest model of our dynamic rowing machine is the RP3 with improved design features yet retain the expert rowing simulation of Casper Rekers’ original Rowperfect Rowing Simulator. “This is the best tool to teach boat moving technique and to build fitness for on-water rowing and sculling.Frans Goebel world champion sculler

The RP3 rowing machine is ideal for indoor rowing training for professional oarsmen and competitive rowers and scullers as well as an excellent home fitness exercise machine if you want to keep fit.

It’s the best way to learn how to “move” a boat using your body weight as well as legs, arms, back and gluteal muscles.

How to make your boat go fast

To maximise sculling or rowing boat speed you need four things:

  1. Aligned power forces between crew members
  2. Continuous delivery of power
  3. Fitness
  4. Blade handling skill.

RP rowing machines can help you with the first three. Highly skilful rowing requires precise coordination of the catch and power drive. The RP3 is the best rowing machine ergometer on which this essential skill can be developed.

The original Rowperfect Classic machine was the first rowing machine to accurately reproduce the physics of rowing it helps teach technique and prevents injury. Rowing World Champions and Olympic medallists confirm its effectiveness in helping them win those medals.

  • Moving fly wheel AND moving seat
  • Lowered fly wheel
  • Tilt seat to encourage use of core muscles
  • Adjustable resistance to match the gearing in your boat
  • Unique dynamic action that simulates rowing

Good Rowing Technique by Alistair Bond, NZL

RP3 has been developed by a team in The Netherlands (RP3) using the base design developed by Casper Rekers for his original Rowperfect dynamic ergometer.

New model RP3

Read the RP3 manuals. Go to our online store where you can get servicing, software upgrades for older model Rowperfect Classics, coaching advice on how to use RP, as well as buy RP3.

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