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Rowing using the Alexander Technique

Rowing Technique from a Holistic Perspective is a personal insight into whole-body rowing from an expert Alexander Rowing … read more

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Rowing Technique from a Holistic Perspective is a personal insight into whole-body rowing from an expert Alexander

Rowing Technique from a Holistic Perspective Rowing Technique from a Holistic Perspective[/caption]

Technique and Tai-chi teacher, Jonathan Drake.

If you have ever had an injury, you will know how challenging this was to recover from.  Jonathan Drake shares his insights into how to make rowing “easier” on the body with a healthier approach to rowing technique.  His careful observations about the spine and the self-test guides explain exactly how he achieves a balanced spine through the rowing stroke.

This book is aimed at anyone who’s thought a little about rowing and wants more food for thought.

It introduces a way of making sense of rowing technique from a view of how we best move our bodies.

A healthier approach to our bodies

Jonathan Drake argues that this could contribute to a healthier approach to rowing, promoting wellbeing and reducing the risk of injury. He challenges some of the commonly-held ideas about the transitions in rowing, from drive to recovery and vice versa, and how the spine changes dynamically during the stroke.

Read this book if you want to:

  • Understand integrating postural improvement with rowing
  • See where power in rowing is generated
  • How to be “up out of the hips”
  • Know why the C-shaped spine occurs in rowing

This is an unique book which will aid the thoughtful sculler and rower to protect their body and to avoid unhelpful postures acquired on the eg and in the boat.


Rowperfect is looking for reviewers for the book.  Get in touch if you would volunteer to read it and write a short article.

Buy Rowing Technique from a Holistic Perspective by Jonathan Drake at a special introductory price before 14th June 2017.

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One thought on “Rowing using the Alexander Technique

  1. Rebecca, this little book is long overdue in the rowing world in my opinion. Alexander Technique (AT) and to some extent specific-asana yoga focusing on core development have direct application to our form, stroke, AND injury prevention (especially to the spine). AT has been invaluable for me because I came into rowing with severe hip disease. It will not cure severe orthopedic issues, but it will enable a rower to keep the sport from further damaging problem areas. Thank you, Jonathon, for this clear and easy-to-apply primer.

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