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Rowing Tales 2017 by Rebecca Caroe

(2 customer reviews)


Everybody has a rowing story to tell.  And Rowperfect is uniquely placed to collect these stories of triumph and disaster, of friendship and adversity.

Rowing has its own collection of anecdotes, and this is Rowperfect’s newest project, an anthology about rowing.

This book is a collection built on contributors from around the globe – old, young and from many countries.  42 people have contributed chapters for the book including:

  • Andrew Triggs-Hodge
  • George Pocock
  • Duncan Holland
  • Alistair Potts
  • Tom Weil
  • Drew Ginn
  • Goran Buckhorn
  • Volker Nolte
  • Xeno Muller

Expertly edited by Peter Mallory this collection is a bedside book you will love to dip into.  From the story about wearing the wrong clothes to Henley; Drew Ginn’s first Olympic final; the perfect rowing sunrise by Andy Triggs-Hodge to Anzac Day memorialised on the river in Australia.  Volker Nolte shares the story of his part in the development of the sliding rigger single and Christopher Dodd dissects the Swiss sense of humour at FISA.

Perfect for gifts for coaches, stocking fillers or a little present for yourse

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2 reviews for Rowing Tales 2017 by Rebecca Caroe

  1. Emory Clark

    If you are looking for a quick and easy rowing fix, from the profound to the frivolous, poetry to prose, history to humor, you must dip into Rebecca Caroe’s ROWING TALES, a collection of short vignettes of rowing lore. The book is replete with familiar rowing names, Fairburn, Spracklen, Pocock, also others you have never heard of; it touches on all aspects of the sport from the stroke itself to the sun just rising over of the horizon during the morning workout, from winning, to the understanding there is more to rowing than medals. Some of these tales you will skip (without guilt), others read twice with deep satisfaction, perhaps because of something new, or because the story mirrors you own experience. There is something here to resonate with every rowing psyche.

  2. Tim Koch

    Anything that produces as much passion and commitment as rowing does will inevitably generate stories which range, in the words of the 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist, Emory Clark, ‘….from the profound to the frivolous, [from] poetry to prose, [from] history to humour….’ What Clark calls Rebecca’s ‘collection of short vignettes of rowing lore’ will perhaps even be of interest to those who have never pulled an oar in anger.
    Many anthologies include authors who, when collected together, are strange bedfellows – and Rowing Tales is no exception. Those sharing this literary boudoir range from the ‘sublime’ (Charles Dickens and Herman Melville) to (in purely relative terms of course) the ‘ridiculous’ (Göran Buckhorn and Chris Dodd). Somewhere in-between are great rowers (such as Drew Ginn and Joe Burk), outstanding technicians (such as George Pocock and Volker Nolte) and inspiring coaches (such as Steve Fairbairn and Duncan Holland). Some contributors are little known outside their own club, town or country, and a few are, in the words of the old joke, not even household names in their own household. However, an
    individual’s fame – or the lack of it – does not reflect on the quality of their particular story. Nor does Rowing Tales lack variety.
    I’m grateful for the insights and wry smiles as the many, many contributors have given me their stories, and for the stories themselves.

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