Rowing poem – Olympic twaddle

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Oh lor!  All this Olympic rowing twaddle

Who is it makes these daft decisions
With regards to only having
One or two rowing Olympic stands
When over a two thousand meter
Course there is room for every
Rowing club member throughout
The entire British lands?

Who are these organising Olympic Idiots?
Who have nothing more to enjoy
Then spending all the country’s money
Whilst making sure that all the tickets
Go to those who want to say
“Oh yes I have been there” or who are
The corporate “well in” girls and boys

After all wouldn’t it be better to let
All those who love to go and row
Watch the very best of the sport that they
Spend their lives around and let them
Fill up those hallowed seats or to the
Tow path go?

After all for every Olympian that rows
Out in Britain and takes a rowing stoke
Upon that magnificent Olympic rowing lake
There is a someone somewhere who
Coached them or rowed with them or
Found the cash to given them the best
Of what is always such a very lucky break?


Kevin Pyne

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