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Rowing poem – Olympic twaddle

Oh lord!  All this Olympic rowing twaddle Who is it makes these daft decisions With regards to only … read more

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English: The Olympic Flag flying in Victoria, ...

Oh lord!  All this Olympic rowing twaddle

  • Who is it makes these daft decisions
  • With regards to only having
  • One or two rowing Olympic stands
  • When over a two thousand meter
  • Course there is room for every
  • Rowing club member throughout
  • The entire British lands?
  • Who are these organising Olympic Idiots?
  • Who have nothing more to enjoy
  • Then spending all the country’s money
  • Whilst making sure that all the tickets
  • Go to those who want to say
  • “Oh yes I have been there” or who are
  • The corporate “well in” girls and boys
  • After all wouldn’t it be better to let
  • All those who love to go and row
  • Watch the very best of the sport that they
  • Spend their lives around and let them
  • Fill up those hallowed seats or to the
  • Tow path go?
  • After all for every Olympian that rows
  • Out in Britain and takes a rowing stoke
  • Upon that magnificent Olympic rowing lake
  • There is a someone somewhere who
  • Coached them or rowed with them or
  • Found the cash to given them the best
  • Of what is always such a very lucky break?
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