Polar Transmitter Compatible with Rowperfect

To satisfy any enquiries you may have had, Polar transmitters are compatible with Rowperfect Polar Receivers.

The following Polar chest straps have been tested and proven to be compatible with the 2009 Rowperfect Polar Receiver:

  • Polar T61 transmitter (coded en non-coded)
  • Polar T31 transmitter (coded en non-coded)
  • Polar Wearlink transmitter (coded)

Since we know you love a bargain (really, who doesn’t?), we’ve mapped out that the cheapest solution for those of you who don’t yet have a Polar product, is to purchase one of the following:

You can now make an informed Polar purchase, knowing that it will go hand in hand with Rowperfect technology (like bread goes with butter).  Happy shopping!

PS these same chest straps also work with the Coxmate HC coxless boat speed measurement unit.  Want to see heart rate while in the boat?  Easy!

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