Rowing on Google books

Google has been running a project to scan and publish a range of books freely online.  It has drawn objections from copyright holders – but it’s a useful resource for research.   The objectives of the Google Books Project are

The Google Books project per se involves digitizing library collections to provide searching for in-copyright works with fair use snippets and free access to out-of-print works.

Each book has been partially scanned with the missing pages marked.

We took a quick browse around the site and have found the following rowing books

  • Rowing Faster by Volke Nolte
  • Rowing Training, Fitness, Leisure by Wolfgang Fritsch
  • Skillful Rowing by Edward McNeely and Marlene Royle
  • Rowing by Niels H. Secher and Stefanos Volianitis – reproduced below but it omits everything after page 40.

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