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Rowperfect UK regrets that from 1st May 2011 it will cease selling Dreher oars and sculls. The Dreher … read more

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Rowperfect UK regrets that from 1st May 2011 it will cease selling Dreher oars and sculls.

The Dreher manufacturing company warrants to continue supporting the brand and will  provide support and service to UK customers.

Jim Dreher was in the UK in March and stated his views on the market as ‘tremendously important’ and is committed to the UK with direct service.

He said “Following the example of Dreher’s operation in continental Europe – especially Germany – we established a direct connection between our customers and ourselves as the manufacturer. Grant Craies, Rebecca Caroe and Nic Bourne have done a great job since 2004 introducing Dreher Sculls & Sweeps to the British rowing community and we want to continue their excellent service.”

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