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Rowing news publishers on Twitter

The journalists and publishers of rowing news and information have been quick to join

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The journalists and publishers of rowing news and information have been quick to join Twitter. They understand its potential as an amplification medium for their writing.

If you follow no others, these are the Twitter feeds to check regularly. You dont need to have a twitter account yourself in order to read them. Just follow the links and they load like a normal web page.

First up is Rowing News (@rowingnews) the US print magazine. They are a really great one to follow because although all they tweet is news (obviously) each one links off to a different website with the detail about the news story. They arent pimping their own website.

Rowing News tweets

Rowing Voice (@RowingVoice)- Chris Dodd and Rachel Quarrells email rowing newspaper is a recent joiner but has garnered hundred or so followers. The minute-by-minute updates from the recent GB rowing trials show the power of the Twitter medium. Plus there are nice tidbits of news from chats with the athletes Solesbury also back to sweep now

Rowing Voice tweets

Row2k (@row2k) is the pre-eminent rowing news feed for North America. There appear to be two online presences, Row2k and Row2feed. the former is more prolific and so probably the real one. And the UKs Rowing Service

@rowingservice RowingService
is also online with its newsfeed.

It seems to add bits of opinion Phila crews conspicuously absent from medals dockas well as incidents A pair in lane 1 both m and w races hit boats off port side to the hard news. And this is welcome as the Row2k site is normally just a news feed.

Row2k Tweets

The discussion forum websites arent themselves up yet but some of the people behind the forums are with @rowingwolf7 (Rowing Illustrated ) and @bertcocu and @trooster of (NLRoei) being the first.

Other niche sites include @regattaradio who broadcast during Henley Royal Regatta, the German @ruderspor t and a video site @capturedspeed . The @rowingeducation whosound like an interesting concept with posts like brainstorming training plans for injured rowers but then no links to the outputs that we can learn from. So not yet educative.

Tomorrow – Clubs and Regattas on Twitter

In case you missed it Day 1 Rowers on Twitter Article

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