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Theres a hell of a buzz going on as the world of Sculling and Rowing takes up the latest social media application – Twitter .; A short-form messaging service that allows 140 characters, and quick-fire updates this gives readers a great instant view about What you are doing.

Pictures can be uploaded using links and services like Twitpics.; Links to other websites and direct messages to other Twitterers are easy to create.; But best of all, the amplification of one message beyond your own group of friends is possible.; When a reader likes a tweet he may repeat it or re-tweet (RT in the character-saving lingo). ; In this way if you write interesting things, your message will reach far beyond your own audience.

Rowperfect has been on Twitter for a few months.; Our page is @Rowperfect and; we have a great following from people round the world.; One of our first exchanges was with Di Binley (@dixx) who runs Rock-The-Boat rowing clothing in the UK and Jed Christianson (@jedc ) from Vesta RC in London.

Naturally as Twitter began to catch on, the US has led the adoption – but there are plenty of folk around the rowing world writing in English from Canada, New Zealand and Australia as well as the UK.;

Have a look at some of the amusing user names chosen @RowerPoet , @rowgypsy , @ViewFromTheBow and my favourite @Row4Food !; That says it all.

Over the 4 days well be writing some articles sharing some of our favourite folk on Twitter and their links so that we can all share more great news and views.


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  1. rebecca

    Chris, Oops. sorry was it you doing all the good work getting Vesta online? I think Jed is now in Cambridge doing his MBA. Should try and meet him sometime.


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