Rowing Hat Wear: How To Clean Your Rowing Cap

rp hi vis cap
Wearing a rowing hat is perfect for keeping your face shaded on a sunny day. But most of us know that sweat and dirt will soon leave our protection dirty and filthy. Buy a new one? Don’t know how to clean it? Unfortunately, you cannot put it into the laundry as easy as the rest of your sports gear. Well, here are some possibilities we have tried for you. Depending on the brims. Older hats use mostly card board. Newer ones plastic bills. Soaking an old cardboard bill in water will obviously ruin it. Here is what we suggest.

Method A: Clean your rowing hat: Dishwasher Method

There are many opinions about cleaning your baseball cap in a dishwasher. They tend from perfect method to never again. Honestly, we have tried it several times – It is my preferred cleaning method.

Off course I use modern hats. All of them have plastic-supported brims, and are usually machine-washable.

You need:

  • Dishwasher, set on mild (Glassware program)
  • 1/2 table spoon of dishwasher detergent or 1/2 tablet
  • sieve or bucket to put the adjust the rowing cap
  • Using your dishwasher can better maintain the shape of your hat.

Dishwasher cleaning process:

Use a bowl or sieve that fits your hat.
Hats on bowl, top rack
  1. Empty your dishwasher, no food residues, no other items.
  2. Fix your hat. Get a round bowl, a sieve or a a mixing bowl and adjust your hat wear on it.
  3. Put rowing hat with bowl in top dishwasher rack
  4. Add dishwasher detergent into dishwasher
  5. Turn on the dishwasher and run a normal cycle on light wash, glassware program or low-heat.

Using your dishwasher can better maintain the shape of your hat. Here is our second suggestion:

One thing to remember. Your rowing hat will not look as perfect as before the wash. Heavy stains might stay until you really wash them out heavily. But in general – if the caps are not to dirty and sweat and lighter stains are the issue – you will be happy with the result. Good luck and enjoy the cleaning.

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