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Bilac 2020 – Come Row and Have a Good Time

Bilac 2020 come row and have a good time. Almost 100 boats will follow the organizers motto and … read more

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Bilac 2020 come row and have a good time. Almost 100 boats will follow the organizers motto and start on September 19th – at lake Biel, SUI early in the morning. An increasing trend that repeats itself every year in this race that connects Neuchâtel with Bienne.

Bilac Long Distance Regatta in Switzerland

International Participants at Bilac

Bilac 2020 come row. Rowers and guest are joining from Switzerland, Germany, France and even from further abroad. This year, probably more than 500 rowers will come to the Bilac and will row the 30-40 km. This regatta is organized by the Seeclubs Neuenburg, Biel and Solothurn.

What is the Bilac 2020 regatta?

The idea for Bilac comes from Suisse Expo 2002. The goal at that time was to link the Arte and Exhibition centers of Neuchâtel and Bienne/Biel through an event inspired by the Vogalonga. The exhibitions have disappeared. Says Thomas von Burg, regatta chairman: “Bilac stayed. Since then, Bilac has become an independent event organized each year in September on the waters of the Jura. It is one of the largest mass sporting events for rowers and canoeists in Switzerland. We are proud of it”. Register here.

Racing and Touring Shells on Lake Biel Credit:

Many participants wish to improve or confirm their time of the previous year. Others want to beat their club mates and others just want to experience a magnificent and varied encounter on the waters of the Jura and spend a few friendly hours with people who share the same passion. There is always a boat on the water to compete with.

Bilac meets all requirements. No ranking, but time is measured and published on our website. The fastest boats and some boats in particular get a prize. The program of the meeting is attractive and inexpensive.

There are 3 parcours available and the route is chosen depending on the weather.

Two Lake Route

Bilac Course

River Route (Aare)

Bilac River Course

Round Trip Lake Biel

Bilac Roundtrip

How long does the race take?

Well, last year’s winner took only  2h17. Some took longer and the last boat was registered 4 hrs after the start signal appeared. That tells you: a race for the athletes and touring community. You find racing boats and touring boats. Follow the organizer’s motto “Bilac 2020 Come Row and Have a Good Time? More information here.

This is a long distance race. If you would like to protect yourself against injuries take a at what is on offer for that purpose in our shop.

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