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Rowing Gloves user review

Laura Cowan from Minerva Bath Rowing Club was kind enough to give us a run-down of her use … read more

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Laura Cowan from Minerva Bath Rowing Club was kind enough to give us a run-down of her use of the rowing gloves.

Rowing gloves for sweep and sculling Rowing gloves for sweep and sculling

My first impressions were pretty good – liked the fine materials, the material helped with the grip, I still had blisters but they weren’t too bad and overall I thought they were really good.

The gloves were sized as medium but I lent them to two athletes with small hands and they fitted OK.  So I”m not sure the sizing is right as I think I’ve got small hands.

How do you wash them?

We got an answer from the manufacturer

How to wash rowing gloves

They say hand wash BUT they can easily be machine washed — on a cold cycle. 

It’s not a good idea for the tumble drier so hang dry.  

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One thought on “Rowing Gloves user review

  1. HI!

    Had the idea from seeing your rowing gloves that Amazon is selling, to go to the source; Further, I recently purchased a Concept2 for a whole-body way to work out, and build back some of the muscle I lost. The gym in my condominium doesn’t even have an erg machine.
    I am seeing an acupuncturist who has a sports clinic here in Arlington, VA – he helping the arthritis in my thumbs. When showing him 3 types of gloves to use, he pointed to your rowing gloves!
    Please add me to your mailing list!


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