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Rowing E-Magazines – get more rowing news

You have your list of rowing websites to frequent, but what about rowing magazines? That’s right,online. If you … read more

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You have your list of rowing websites to frequent, but what about rowing magazines? That’s right,online. If you have environmental concerns or simply like the accessibility and never-lose-ability of keeping your magazines safely on the web, you no longer have to receive your magazines via post.

Here are three excellent online rowing magazines, two of which are free.

  • Rowing Voice – written by Rachel Quarrell and Chris Dodd who are both professional journalists.  The latest edition costs £3 and includes daily updates from the World Rowing Championships and some stunning photos and race reports.  Excellent Value for money.
  • World Rowing E-Magazine – published by FISA, this is a summary of their website news page including their round-up of rowing related news from around the world
  • Rowing News the US / Canada rowing magazine also has an email newsletter linking to popular articles on their website.  Because the publisher is independent, it gives a great perspective on the North American sport compared to other mags which are owned and edited by national rowing organisations.  Highly recommend buying (non-US deliveries cost $90) and see their interview with Alan Campbell from yesterday

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