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How Dragon Boating can Save your Rowing Club

A great article on Dragon Boating as the new fix to falling revenues in rowing clubs! During times … read more

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A great article on Dragon Boating as the new fix to falling revenues in rowing clubs!

During times of financial instability we know that one thought is at the fore-front of all rowing club manager’s minds: how do we make money and keep our club afloat!?  Well we have a very simple solution for you, and it breathes fire.  We’re talking dragon boats.

Dragon What?

Firmly established in the rowing world and growing with popularity, dragon boats are seen far beyond the Hong Kong market.  They’re visually attractive vessels propelled by the power of 22 members.  This makes them a fantastic team sport – far better than doubles sculling if you’re looking to make a few friends.  Additionally, it just takes a few simple calculations to realise that with each boat you can add an additional 20+ members to your club at roughly £300 a pop – imagine how many novices you’d have to sign up to make up those numbers!  Your club can earn £ Thousands by extending its membership offer.  Read on to learn how another club did it.

Due to these high returns, dragon boating will pay for itself and its mechanical storage in as little as a year, which makes this a fairly safe investment for your rowing club.  There are heaps of additional benefits as well such as increased community due to the large numbers of people working together.

Don’t just take our word for it

Below we have an interview with the Secretary of the Queensland Dragon Boat Club – Julie Elliot.  They were recently the first rowing club to install a mechanical dragon boat stacker in their new boat house – and are eagerly awaiting the opening of their re-designed club.

1. What got you into dragon boat racing?

I have always loved water sports and love keeping fit. The first time I watched a dragon boat race I thought it looked like a lot of fun, but a challenge at the same time; Having 22 people in a boat is never easy to get everyone on the same page! So I gave it a go and here I am 8 years later and still loving it!

2. What do you love about dragon boating?

The camaraderie and of course when we race the thrill of 20 people all paddling in sync, not to mention the drummer and sweep willing us to win!

3. As the secretary of a dragon boat club, what do you see as the benefit of offering dragon boats over (or along with) rowing and sculling?

Of course there are a number of benefits, Dragon Boats just by its nature attracts large numbers, so immediately you feel part of a large family.

Read the full article at Space Saver Rowing Systems

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