Routine maintenance on Coxmates

We received an email from Hull University Boat Club who own two Coxmate SRT units about what they should be doing to keep them in good working order.

Here's our reply

  1. Regarding charging the batteries – since the Coxmate has a power management system, I’d suggest you keep them plugged in when not in use.  Or give them to someone to charge up once a month during the holidays when the University isn't rowing.
  2. You clearly row in a muddy tidal estuary – buy a big bag of baby wipes from the supermarket and use them to wipe the Coxmate down after each outing is probably good practice to prevent build-up of dirt.
  3. Keep the magnetic contacts clean on the base of the box and the boat mounting plate.
  4. Put a little silicone grease into the Mic socket monthly there is a syringe full in the blue carry boxes.

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