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Robbie Manson on RowingChat

Known for being the current world record holder in 1x, Robbie Manson of Rowing New Zealand joined me … read more

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Known for being the current world record holder in 1x, Robbie Manson of Rowing New Zealand joined me on RowingChat with his crew mates Tom Murray and Michael Brake.  All three are in rehab and kindly made themselves available on Sunday afternoon… sorry I couldn’t publicise in advance.

Listen to RowingChat with Robbie Manson on SoundCloud


01:00 Introductions and how each of us started rowing
05:00 A normal training week at Lake Karapiro
09:00 What happens if your body gets stressed. The Schwinn cycle and arm pump.
17:00 What do you enjoy most – Robbie overseas, being on the water and opportunities like Great8; Tom the feeling of fitness; Michael put distance on another crew and 2k squad pieces weekly.
21:00 Robbie – the attraction of the single scull
19:00 The sporting journey should be fun for parents too.  Find out likely race outcomes and prepare your own emotions.
22:00 Nutrition for athletes – protein eaten regularly in meal and snacks – recovery snacks of carb + protein
24:00 Learning your own body – the knife edge of training too hard.
29:00 What to strive for in the boat – getting the most gains from technique, a high rating, punchy style and rowing a little shorter.
30:00 What numbers do you watch in the boat?  Watts and force, rate, split.  The angles and distance per stroke, heart rate and the best boat speed for the lowest watts.
36:00 Robbie – who I admire.  Rob Waddell, technical rowers like Thomas Lange
38:00 Noel Donaldson is our coach – he focuses on the more technical side.  We fix a 10 word limit per kilometer – if you don’t use it, you lose it.
43:00 When things aren’t going well what do you say to yourself.  Break it into smaller chunks, focus on the same thing as a crew.
47:00 Psychologists are available to use – some use them reactively, others check in regularly.  Robbie – pre race nerves are a good thing.
52:00 Mahe and Robbie – Luzern is the World Cup regatta at which selection will be made

Watch RowingChat with Robbie Manson, Michael Brake and Tom Murray on YouTube

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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