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Quirky Rowing Websites: David Biddulph’s rowing pages

One of the very first rowing websites, David Biddulph’s Rowing Pages and an all-time favourite of mine.  He’s … read more

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One of the very first rowing websites, David Biddulph’s Rowing Pages and an all-time favourite of mine.  He’s a UK umpire and former coxswain who had the super idea of publishing all the useful calendar dates for regattas in the UK and internationally online waaayyyy back in 1997.  Now that’s virtually a prehistoric date on the global interweb!

Take a look at the growing list of years where he has UK and international race calendars – and more usefully, he has forward calendars going to 2014.

Each detailed page (here’s 2012 for the UK) has a little coloured tags for ‘changed‘, ‘new‘ or ‘updated‘ tag where he has added new information, all linked to a website page for more information.

His helpful researches add in comments like

Note, when considering regatta dates, that in 2012 there will not be a Bank Holiday at the end of May, but instead there will be Bank Holidays on Mon-Tue 4-5 June.

David has an active interest in skiff racing, local calendars for the regions and helpful links to news groups (RSR) and maps of rowing venues.

Take a look down this page where he lists a wealth of other connected sites from rowing photographers, to Keith Ticehurst’s cartoons.  Well worth a browse.

The pages usefulness is demonstrated with the little visitor counter that at the time of writing showed over 2.5 million page views – I think about 2,000 were from me over the years!

Thanks, David – keep up the awesomely good work!

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