Prices change from time to time

The international exchange rate of the US dollar and the Pound, and the Euro have changed a lot since the end of 2008.  The British pound has suffered and buys 'less' from both America and Europe.  By comparison, the Australian dollar has stayed broadly comparable in exchange rates.

Rowperfect UK buys Coxmates from Australia.  And so the prices have not changed.  Take a look at how we compared in 2008 .  and then look at the table below showing 2009 price comparisons.

Coxmate and NK features & prices compared 2009

Dreher oars and sculls do come from US.  In order to maintain our competitiveness, we have introduced the new "Club" sculls which are adjustable and come with Big Blade or Little Big Blade spoons as a high quality and competitively priced product for UK and Irish clubs.  The carbon adjustable sculls remain good value compared to the competitors equivalent products.  

But don't take our word for it – try some for yourself.

Oar and scull comparisons 2009


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