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Great8 Trivia Quiz – the Answers and the Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered the Great8 Trivia Quiz the best results had 7 correct answers.

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Thanks to everyone who entered the Great8 Trivia Quiz… apart from a shockingly knowledgable man called Monkey TSS from Tideway Scullers, the best results had 7 correct answers.

The tie break question did get used and Chris Dodsworth of Nottingham University Boat Club guessed a time of 17:30 which was closer to the crews actual time of 17:25.21 than the runner up, Rory Copus of Abingdon School Boat Club.& Rory wins a Cadence stroke rate watch and Chris wins the Coxmate HC. Congratulations to both of you!

The correct answers to the questions were

After who / what was Alexander Mahe Owens Drysdale named?
Mahe the island in the Seychelles

Tim Maeyens single he used in Athens 2004 was called Plons
. Why did he choose this name?

It reminds him of his first row in the boat.
The boat I raced with in Athens was called Plons (The sound of something falling in the water). This is the story:

In March 2004 I got a brand new Empacher single scull. I went for my first training on a Canal in Brugge, my hometown. I was doing a long session and I enjoyed it a lot. It was very cold but sunny and no wind so I was really focused on my technique. The last 300 m of the session hit a working pontoon on the canal. The top of the boat cracked and I fell (The sound of me falling in the water). It was really cold but luckily there was a pair on the water that helped me. After the boat was repaired, I baptised it Plons. And I had good races in it in Athens and in 2005.

Which two of these statements about Olaf Tufte are correct? [give two answers]

  • He trained with the Royal Ballet to help his technique
  • He chops wood by hand instead of a chain saw because its quicker

What was Alan Campbells first racing single called?

  • Sunnymount

Which members of the crew have spent time in the army?

  • Iztok ÄŒop
  • OndÅ™ej Synek
  • Olaf Tufte
  • Alan Campbell

Which two sports did Marcel Hacker do before he started rowing?

  • Judo
  • Swimming

What is Ali Williams favourite bit of kit?

JL leggings from Imperial College

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