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Pitch meter working well in York

We recently sold a pitch gauge to Chris Clayton, Coach from York City Rowing Club

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Pitch gaugeWe recently sold a pitch gauge to Chris Clayton, Coach from York City Rowing Club .

Here's what he had to say about it

Many thanks for the pitch meter which arrived today (well wrapped).It seems very well made.

It will be very useful as I am helping to coach a sculler with a strokeside blade which is diving, and I need to eliminate possibilities like the pitch of the gate. As a former sculler myself, I never received any technical coaching, which became a real handicap the further I progressed. In sculling everything gets magnified, and where it is easy to overcome weight and rigging problems in an eight, if you are roughly correct, there is no escape in a scull over 2000m. ( I represented Scotland in an eight but would have liked sculls far better).

Sincerely, Chris.

Pitch Gauge for sweep and sculling in the Rowperfect shop

Pitchmeter for carbon tubular riggers designed to sit around the C-Cup and do fore/aft and lateral pitch simultaneously.

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