A kind intro from Ray Sims

Many of you will know Raymond Sims boatbuilders of Nottingham.  Ray was the very first agent for Dreher oars and sculls when they first started exporting to the UK.

We got an enquiry from Nick Mills of Molesey Boat Club who wanted to try some out and it turned out Ray was the person who steered him our way.  

I wrote a quick thank you to Ray and this is what he said

I always favoured Drehers blades, I think the company is very innovative and generally the quality is high, I think their new shapes are far more efficient than the(Concept2) Big blade, so no problem recommending them.

Not looking for anything in return, but if anybody thinking of buying a well built boat, maybe you could give them a nod this way.

So if you are thinking about buying a boat Ray's website is the brilliantly named Rowing.co.uk 

2 thoughts on “A kind intro from Ray Sims

  1. Jessica Bryan says:

    I would like to get in touch with Ray Sims, the person (not the boat!). Do you have contact information for him? I met him several years ago in the Philippines. Thanks!

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