Olympic Rowing Liveblog – W2- FINAL

It’s Finals Time! Fill your lungs!

Start List: Romania, USA, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Germany
This could be the first gold for TeamGB and GB Women’s Rowing. The crowd know it and go wild at the call over!  GB take two feet in five strokes. Germany in second but it’s level across the lake for the rest. It’s a length for GB at 300m and the crowd are loving it. It’s risky but could work with the home crowd advantage in the last 750m. New Zealand move to second and have half a length ahead of the rest. Germany third. GB look smooth and effortless out in front. Their spoons fly through the water. Stanning gets her body over early on the recovery and the boat runs on and on. Length and a half lead at 1000m. New Zealand in second and Germany third. USA fourth. Germany fifth and it’s the Romanians in sixth. GB pull away again. 750m and they have two lengths. GB look like they’re cruising through 500m. They have two and a half lengths. New Zealand a length over Australia and USA who are level but closing. GB still cruising

but lift to the finish. They’ve got this! GB win. Australia push through New Zealand to take second. New Zealand third. USA fourth; Germany, Romain.

History has been made. Stanning and Glover wi GB’s first ever Women’s Rowing Gold at the Olympics. Heather Stanning punches the air again and again. Helen Glover waves ecstatically to the home crowd. Amazing!