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What Shape is your Rowing Club? Filling out the Hourglass

In his article “What Shape is your Rowing Club?” Duncan Holland introduced the ‘Hourglass’ model which represent many clubs, with many Masters and Junior members but few Seniors. Until recently my club was in the same position. The club has always had a large junior squad, but we would lose our older juniors who moved […]

Never Enough Time: Getting the most from your Training

A recent discussion on Twitter with a coach of junior athletes got me thinking about how rowers can make the most of their available training time. Andrea Valois (@andrearows) is Junior Coach (U17 & U19) at Leander Boat Club, Ontario, Canada (read her team’s training blog here). Many of Andrea’s athletes spend the majority of […]

Managing and Avoiding Lower Back Injury – Part 2: Strength & Flexibility

In Part 1 of this topic I discussed the role of posture in the rowing stroke and how good posture can be used to avoid or to manage lower back injury. This was in response to a question by a Rowperfect reader: “I have a couple of athletes that have low back injuries or are on […]

Managing and Avoiding Lower Back Injury – Part 1: Posture

Recently we received an email from one of our readers asking for help and exercises to help rowers with lower back injuries or who are in danger of developing such injuries. “I have a couple of athletes that have low back injuries or are on the verge of injury due to lack of glute and hamstring […]

Winter Rowing – Keep Warm & Carry On Rowing

All rowers know that winter training means lots of steady-state mileage in rain, wind, fog and snow. Many stretches of water freeze solid, but for those who are ‘lucky’ enough to be able to get on the water, the winter weather always presents the challenge of staying warm during training. Start Warm to Stay Warm […]

An Introduction to Core Strength for Rowing – Dynamic Exercises (with Videos)

My previous article gave an introduction to the Static Exercises used to build core strength and stability. Dynamic exercises take core strength to a new level, bringing in movement to strengthen the range of muscle movement and creating imbalance to challenge the athlete to work in the correct position. Dynamic Core Exercises Dynamic core exercises […]

An Introduction to Core Strength for Rowing – Static Exercises

Learn core strength for rowing by understanding muscles, how to train them and what strength you can gain and injuries can be prevented. In the last decade ‘core’ has been one of the biggest buzz-words in sport. Having a strong core is reported to improve performance in almost every sport. So what’s it all about […]

RP3 Demo – Gloucester Rowing Club (November 2012)

Gloucester Rowing Club are the latest club to have a Rowperfect RP3 on trial. They’ve been using the machine for the past three months across the club. Here’s what they’ve learnt about how the RP3 fits into their technical training.   What does the RP3 bring to Technical Coaching? We’ve found the RP3 really useful in […]

Video Analysis: A Guide for Rowers & Coaches

Capturing video footage of your rowing is an excellent way of analysing your stroke in a way which isn’t possible from within the boat. It’s a great tool for rowers, allowing them to see their rowing from outside the boat. Coaches can show rowers exactly what their stroke looks like, where to improve and how […]

After the Olympics: 100 Days

It has been 100 days since the closing ceremony marked the end of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The British public, and those involved in sport across the world, went from watching elite athletes at the highest level of competition to waiting to see what impact the games would have on upcoming athletes, grass roots […]