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Olympic Rowing Liveblog – M4x Semifinals

There’s a moderate headwind at Dorney this morning but the water is flat in the finish area. Stands … read more

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There’s a moderate headwind at Dorney this morning but the water is flat in the finish area. Stands are full and the crowd are warming up nicely for the first day of finals of the Olympic Regatta.

Semifinal 1: Switzerland, Australia, Russia, Croatia, Great Britain, New Zealand
Russia and Croatia get an early lead by half a canvas. Big cheer as the Gb crew is shown on the big screen. Russia lead to 500m by a third of a length. Croatia 2nd and Gb and Australia level in third. Only three boats can go through to the A-Final. Russia tapping down well at the finish – water could be rough in the first half of the race. 1000m: Russia by half a length to Croatia. Australia a third of a length behind and GB trailing them by a canvas. Croatia starting to move. They draw to within a seat of the Russians at 1150m and poke ahead at 1250m. 1500m: big build from everyone. Russia fading? GB and Australia moving through. Can GB take Australia? Russia fading fast. Croatia still out front and being caught by Australia and GB. Huge sprint for the line from these two. Croatia finish first, leading Australia by three-quarters of a lenght. GB are just feet behind in third. Russia finish fifth, behind New Zealand. The Swiss come in at the back. The GB crew raise their hands to the crowd and applaud their fans. The ‘Wall of Noise’ is here!

Semifinal 2: France, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Italy
Germany get half a canvas up on Ukraine at 250m. The same margin back o Estonia in third. Poland, France and Italy are half a length back and all within a few feet of each other. Germany still lead towards half way with Estonia in second and Poland in the third place for the final. Ukraine are fourth and still in contention. Germany have a canvas over estonia. Poland are now clear of the Ukraine after a push at 1000m. Ukraine, Italy and France will start to build now. The Italians starting to raise the rate already. Estonia half a length behind Germany at 1750m. France push into fourth but not overlapping Poland yet. Italy can’t bring it back. Germany cross the line half a length ahead of Estonia. Poland are a length behind in third and will join them in the final. France made it back to just half a length behind third place, but miss out. Ukraine are fifth and Italy fail to bring a big finish, coming across the line in 6th.


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