Olympic Rowing Liveblog – M4x Final

Poland, Great Britain, Australia, Estonia, Croatia, Germany

New lane draw so Croatia and Germany have the more sheltered lanes. Germany move slightly ahead of the pack. They have a canvas but the rest are level at 500m. The Germans are moving out to half a length. They extend to three-quarters at 1000m. The chasers are close but Croatia just have their bows in second place with GB and Australia level. The wind has moved to cross-tail. Germany are held to a canvas overlap by Croatia. Australia are starting to charge through into the last 300m. GB try to lift but they can’t stay with the Aussies. Poland trail but only just. Germany storm to the line. Croatia are second and the Australian charge has paid off with a bronze medal as the row down Estonia. Great Britain stay ahead of Poland to take fifth.

1 Germany 5:42.48
2 Croatia 5:44.78
3 Australia 5:45.33
4 Estonia 5:46.96
5 Great Britain 5:49.19
6 Poland 5:51.74

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