Olympic Rowing Liveblog – M2- Final

Revised Lane Draw: Australia, Canada, Italy, France, Great Britain, New Zealand

France are the fastest starters but New Zealand quickly settle into their mid-race pace and start to draw back the half length. It’s France by a few feet at 500m. GB third but very close with the rest of the pack. New Zealand move ahead of France but the French pair maintains a high pace and is not dropping back on the rest of the field. GB are a length and a quarter down on France and trying to regain the overlap while holding a half length over Italy. New Zealand starting to move away. They hit found their usual smooth, relaxed but immensely powerful style. New Zealand by clear water, two and a half lengths ahead. GB starting to move up on the French as they employ a slow wind for the finish. They’re level at 1500m. GB push through but France lift and lift again. These crews are so close coming into the finsh. The Kiwis win. France just come through GB to take silver. GB bronze. Italy, Australia, Canada. A remarkable race and extraordinary display from the Kiwi pair. They raced hard and wound and wound, and wound again for the finish. True champions.

1 New Zealand 6:16.65
2 France 6:21.11
3 Great Britain 6:21.77
4 Italy 6:26.17
5 Australia 6:29.28
6 Canada 6:30.49

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