Olympic Rowing Liveblog – M1x Final

Germany (Hacker),  Azerbaijan (Aleksandrov), Great Britain (Campbell), Sweden (Karonen), New Zealand (Drysdale), Czech Republic (Synek)

Four bows in a line at 500m. Synek, Drysdale, Karnonen, Campbell. Two feet back to Aleksandrov. Another three feet to Hacker. Synek and Drysdale lengthening out. Drysdale moving to a slender lead. Campbell usually leads; is he employing a new tactic? Drysdale by two feet to Synek. Campbell in third, a length back. Karonen lays down some big strokes and moves into third but Campbell looks in control. Drysdale crosses 1000m half a length in front of Synek. Nothing between Campbell and Karonen for third. Drysdale pulling away from Synek. Campbell kicks the rate up again and again. He gets a lead on Karonen but the Swede is responding and drawing him back. Such high stroke rate from Campbell! Drysdale wins. Synek second. Campbell gets the bronze from Karonen.

1 Drysdale 6:57.82
2 Synek 6:59.37
3 Campbell 7:03.28
4 Karonen 7:04.04
5 Aleksandrov 7:09.42
6 Hacker 7:10.21

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