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Olympic Liveblog Semi Finals M2-

Semi final 1: Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, USA.   Everyone knows the kiwis are the one … read more

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Semi final 1: Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, Netherlands, USA.   Everyone knows the kiwis are the one to beat in this race and from the start the Germans go hard and the Canadians try to stay alongside New Zealand in lane 3.   By 500m clear water to New Zealand with Canada and Germany second, USA a third of a length back.   This is two boat races – one out front and the rest having a separate event. Canada and USA with Germany slugging it out for the remaining two qualifying places.  Domination is the message given out by the leading NZ crew four lengths in front at 1500m.   Italy now in second with Canada third, Germany fourth.   Italy and Canada sprinting – Canada looking a bit frantic but they are pretty secure as there’s clear water behind them.  Italy long strokes and half a length in front of Canada and going to the last 150m New Zealand leading home in fine form, Italy and Canada 3-4 boat lengths behind.  Italy Second Canada third – USA, Germany and Netherlands miss out.

Semi Final 2: Serbia, Greece, Australia, Great Britain, France, Poland.   Starting hard from France in lane 5 they take Poland out with them half a length behind and these two lead the field at 500m.  Australia and Great Britain settle into the pack with Greece.  France continue to lead and Britain press back past Australia into second place and Poland drop back into fourth alongside Greece.   Coming to half way Britain quietly take the lead and have a canvas over France, Poland and Australia fourth.   Impressive third 500m as British pair edge out to a length over France – they look quietly in control and take a point up in rating as they come to the 1500m marker.   Goodness, is this the first time they realise how good they could be?  Loud cheers from the crowd and the French take the rate up but British crew still solidly in the lead by 3/4 length.   Now they begin to take the rate up to match the French and they do hold their distance and now move away again to a small overlap as they get to the line Britain first, Grance second and Australia third.

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