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Xeno Müller - Interviewee on RowingChat
Xeno Müller – Interviewee on RowingChat

RowingChat welcomes Xeno Müller to come and chat with us on the 24th of June! Xeno is an expert in analysing rowing athletes, knowing where they need to improve, providing the right drills to bring them to the top of their game, and passing on all of this expertise to other coaches.

To join us for this RowingChat pick up your ticket HERE

Ask your question when you pick up a ticket and we’ll be seeing YOU on the 24th to learn the tools Xeno uses as a coach, and how he analyses athletes and pushes them further and in the right direction.

Our free chats with other guests (Carlos Dinares & Ben Hunt-Davis) are still up for your listening pleasure so you still have a chance to experience RowingChat right now on our soundcloud.



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2 thoughts on “Next: Your Free RowingChat with Xeno Müller, reserve your space

    • Rowperfect says:

      Hi there Philip. Sorry but this podcast has long since finished (this was the June podcast) and questions are no longer being redirected.

      Keep up to date with all future RowingChat podcasts to get your questions in by visiting

      Note the page displays Jimmy Joy which finished just a few days ago. The NEXT chat will be announced earlier next week and you can sign up and ask questions for the next chat at that time.

      Warm regards,
      The Rowperfect RowingChat podcast team.

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