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RowingChat with Masters Rowing Specialist, Marlene Royle

Marlene Royle

Marlene Royle


Marlene Royle

Marlene Royle was among the first coaches dedicated to masters rowing. Marlene’s coaching career began in 1982 with the Boston University Summer Recreational Rowing Program, a community sweep program on the Charles River. From 1986 to 2005, Marlene coached at the Craftsbury Sculling Center in Vermont and was the associate director for three years. From 2005 to 2009, Marlene was the head coach at the Florida Rowing Center in Wellington, Florida. In 2013 Marlene was the runner up for the USRowing Choice Awards Masters Coach of the Year.

In 1999, Marlene founded Roylerow Performance Training Programs to individually train rowers designing workouts and communicating via email. was the first online coaching service for rowing. Shortly thereafter, her athletes started reaching the podiums of major regattas. Marlene’s coaching has produced numerous world masters champions, masters national champions, Head of the Charles winners, and personal bests. College coaches, pre-elite athletes, as well as, those training for general health, re-entering the sport after injury, or just starting to compete use her programs.

Marlene’s focus on RowingChat will be around master training and technique issues, as well as her approaches to teaching good technique in both sweep and sculling.

When and where to Join RowingChat with Marlene Royle:

UK (BST) – March 19th, at 8pm
USA/Canada (PST) – March 19th, at 1pm
USA/Canada (EST) – March 19th, at 4pm
New Zealand (NZST) – March 20th, at 9am
Australia (AEST) – March 20th, at 7am

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What is RowingChat?

RowingChat is a regular online webinar where top coaches, rowers and coxswains make their expertise available to you. Who looks after the coach, adds to their knowledge and answers their tough questions? Now clubs can support and invest in their coaching team, build their skills and invest in future racing success. Nobody has written the perfect “how to teach rowing” book – in the meantime, let us bring world class experience to you.

Hear the opinions of the world’s best.

Discover the struggles they’ve experienced and how they overcame adversity.

Ask your own questions and get their advice.

What do others think?

 “Just a quick note to say how much I get out of the Rowperfect site and RowingChats .  I get more info from Rowperfect than I do from National body which says one of two things …National body bit slack or Rowperfect is pretty good (i prefer this one myself!). My goal this year is to try to convince club to get Rowperfect ergo’s hoping.” – Glenys, Bunbury Rowing Club, Western Australia

“I think they are one of the best “continuing education” sources for coaches out there.” Marlene Royle, Roylerow, USA

“My daughter who is a rower found it very valuable and did understand it, thank you for your time Duncan and thank you too Rebecca for your time and effort.” – Teresa H, London UK

“I absolutely LOVE your enthusiasm and motivating persona!  These talks??  Fantastic!  They connect local rowers to the world of rowing at large but do it such a way as to allow association with truly knowledgeable people.” – Gary A, USA

“What an amazing job you did. Your questions and follow-ups were great, respectful, insightful. Brilliant!
And what a great opportunity for everyone! Well done.” – Donald M.

 “Thank you for the fabulous interview with your wonderfully generous
guest, Mahe Drysdale. You posed many great questions, all of which he
responded to openly and fully. Just as I sensed with the repeat
gathering of scullers for their “Great Eights,” I enjoyed hearing
directly about the mutual respect and friendships amongst the top
single scullers.
Thank you again for putting this on, and may you enjoy the holiday
season!” – Ned O, California USA

“This really is a great idea and having seen Tim in the USA I can understand how valuable his knowledge is.” – Douglas L, Canberra, Australia

“Thanks for organising RowingChat. Was great, pity it couldn’t have kept going and I look forward to the future ones.” – Paddy R, London UK

“Just spent an hour listening to the interview with Mahe, it was simply brilliant. Thank you!” – Shaun E, UK


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  3. siobhan

    I really enjoy this podcast and listen however the host (who does a fantastic job) is constantly breaking up. I wonder if there is an easy technology fix?
    Any techies who can weigh in?


    • Profile photo of Rebecca Caroe
      Rebecca Caroe

      Siobhan, sorry about that. One solution is to listen to our recording (YouTube, iTunes or SoundCloud) where the quality is not dependent on the local internet connection.

      PS I’m the host, Rebecca Caroe.

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  14. Toby Cunliffe-Steel

    Hi all,
    If you tuned in or have downloaded the podcast, thank you very much for listening to the ideas of this young buck.
    Apologies for the technical problems. Rebecca cuts out at 8:45 and comes back at 9:30 then myself at 33:00 and I come back in at 36:05 before dropping out just before the end at 50:40.
    If you have any questions or want to connect with me you can do so through my website or on my Instagram toby.cunliffe.steel
    My doubles partner tends to lose between 1.2-1.8kg per night by the way.

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