New Wave Partnership launch announcement

Rowperfect UK is delighted to announce a new partnership with New Wave Sportswear.  As a long-time German national team kit supplier, New Wave was founded by  Horst Borchert in 1992 and has been a major force in German rowing since that time. Ongoing research for great materials and excellent quality standards have made New Wave a top rowing gear supplier worldwide.

New Wave Sportswear for rowing
New Wave Sportswear for rowing

New Wave specialises in supplying rowing clubs as “Touring Rowing” is very popular in  Germany and other European Countries.  They also support the Deutschland-Achter  (German 8+) and are Partners for the German Rowing Federation.

As Rowperfect, we are very proud that we now have the opportunity to offer New Wave’s premium rowing clothing in our product range.

Touring Rowing is a growing part of the sport and we are going to be revealing some new services and educational content for this group of rowers in the near future.

Touring Rowing Products are now listed in the Rowperfect shop – look at the sidebar category.

Touring Rowing Products

natch! is a new range of products designed for cleaning and protecting sporting clothing.  It gives you the best in sports performance with the ideal power products for cleaning and impregnating functional fibres and shoes.

Whether you’re a pro or an avid amateur, we think that the ideal kit deserves the ideal care. We operate according to the principle that better sports kit performance means better sports performance.  Rowperfect now sells the Pure One detergent and the Shield One waterproofing.

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