D3 tape testers wanted

D3 Kinesiology Tape

You will have seen the kinesiology strapping tape which physiotherapists use on their patients… well we’ve got some samples available for our readers to test out.

D3 Kinesiology Tape
D3 Kinesiology Tape

Why haven’t I strapped my injured body before?

Being able to strap up your own body to give support while you recover from an injury seems like a no-brainer.  So why hasn’t it been done?

I suspect it’s mainly that we aren’t sure how to use the tape – luckily there are helpful videos available on the D3 YouTube channel showing how to strap shoulder, elbow, ankle, calf – and also variations including a rigid versus a flexible strapping.  Take a look at the lower back and shoulder strapping videos.

We’ll be at the National Schools Regatta this weekend so come and have a look at the strapping.

Will you test the D3 tape?

We are looking for some product testers – apply below in the form.  We will announce the winners on 31 May 2018.

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