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New Rowperfect Advantages detailed

We had an email enquiry from Chris de Mauney asking us about the specific advantages of the new Rowperfect Indoor Sculler….

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We had an email enquiry from Chris de Mauney asking us about the specific advantages of the new Rowperfect….

This intrigued us so much, we wrote to the manufacturer to see what they said…. heres the answer.

Specific advantages

  • lower centre of mass flywheel leads to more stability
  • stacks vertically on its end
  • lower noise
  • easier adjustment for feet and fan damper / resistance
  • on-machine monitor showing unique force curve
  • tension handle to simulate catch going into water
  • one-legged rowing enabled
  • simplified tensioning onto bar (this is for servicing and advanced set-up)

Advantages that were also on the earlier machines

  • Read-outs comparable to on-water times
  • weight adjusted scores
  • it simulates the rowing / sculling action and so can be used to teach good technique and how to apply effective force and power to move a boat
  • unique force curve output
  • row and copy elite athletes force curves
  • Rowperfect for Windows software in addition to screen display – compare athletes side by side
  • link bar to join up to 4 machines and row together as a crew
  • fewer injuries to back / legs / joints because of 1/6th less force on your body at the catch compared to C2/Waterrower
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