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Magik Feedback from Maidstone Invicta

The [Magik Sweep gates] were very well received and were used at Henley qualifiers

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The [Magik Sweep gates] were very well received and were used at Henley qualifiers (just need an outboard to make up the other 6 secs we needed!). I hope that youll see some further interest from some of the single scullers at our club.

Please invoice us for them, any discounts very welcome 🙂

I wont be at Vets as my family are suffering Henley burn-out although this should have worn off in time for St Neots, Sudbury and Cambridge Autumn (in my single with my MK1 gates) …..

Many thanks
James Knight

Maidstone Invicta RC

P.S. As a small under-resourced club that has received considerable help from some unlikely sources this year, we are very appreciative of your efforts to organise equipment lending and I was upset to see the various reactions on talkrowing etc. but not surprised given the normal level of intelligence displayed there!!

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