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Rowperfect Force Curves

A group of international athletes has provided us with sample curves of their technique including Mahe Drysdale

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A group of international athletes has provided us with sample curves of their technique when training on the Rowperfect.

Here is a zipped file from which you can download them. Most are from the DOS software and a couple are from Rowperfect for Windows software (RPW).

RP Stroke Files

the athletes include:

  • Mahe Drysdale (Hwt Man)
  • Sarah Winckless (Hwt Woman)
  • Tracey Langlands (Lwt Woman)
  • Vaclav Chalupa (Hwt Man)
  • Teresa Mas de Xaxars (Lwt Woman)
  • Greg Searle (Hwt Man)
  • Karin Scanlon (Lwt Woman)

THese can be uploadedinto the RPW software to form a template against which you can do your own training…. And if you find that you arent (quite) as strong as Mahe, you can use the Stroker Programme in DOS to re-size the curve to fit your own capabilities. e.g. reduce overall length by 15% and reduce overall height by 20%.

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