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New Rowing Movie

It tells the story of John McAvoy. Given 2 life sentences for armed robbery aged 22 and was … read more

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It tells the story of John McAvoy. Given 2 life sentences for armed robbery aged 22 and was the John McAvoy indoor rowing champ John McAvoy indoor rowing champ. Youngest ever prisoner to be housed in the UK high security prison, Belmarsh (where fellow inmates were Abu Hamza and the London 9/7 Bombers).

While inside, with no formal training and on a prison diet, he broke 3 indoor rowing world records including the longest ever continuous row (45 hours!).

Upon release he is becoming a professional Ironman athlete and runs outreach programmes, providing living proof to alienated youth that it is always possible to take another path.

Watch the short film (3.5 minutes) 

There’s no delicate way to put this. If you’re a regular Rowperfect reader, you’re just . . . well . . . smarter than most people looking to improve their rowing, sculling, coxing or coaching.

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