Music to Erg to – thanks to @Oxonian

Rowperfect UK has teamed up with Oxford University to create a motivational playlist that is scientifically* proven to get you completely psyched for your erg sessions. WARNING: overload of adrenaline likely.

Designed specifically to get you through a gruelling 45 minute session, the playlist starts with some well known tunes to get you pumped up and forget that for the next 45 minutes you are to embark on an emotional journey you know well, and yet never ceases to surprise you with the novel ways in which it brings you pain.

The middle section shifts into some high octane EDM, such as Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia, allowing you to switch off mentally to the dull thudding bass of these iconic anthems but maintaining a high tempo physically.

Finally, in the last section as you come to the end of your session and begin to hear same voice that haunts you in your sleep, your screaming cox on the final straight as they try to wring out every last ounce of energy from your sapped body (does it look like we could pull harder?), the playlist moves into a power finish for the remaining nine minutes. These are hard-hitting motivational tracks that will inspire you to draw on those reserves of stamina that you didn’t even think possible.

This playlist should be an indispensable weapon in your arsenal of rowing aids, and we hope to see many PBs broken in light of its creation.

To listen to the playlist check it out here on Spotify: Rowperfect Motivational Playlist

and to follow the creators for more playlists and updates see here: uniofoxford

*based on a sample of 1. Still awaiting peer review.


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