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Molesey BC Big 8s this Saturday

We got this email from Caroline Searle, GB Rowing Team Press Officer passing on information from Andrew Triggs-Hodge, … read more

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We got this email from Caroline Searle, GB Rowing Team Press Officer passing on information from Andrew Triggs-Hodge, Captain of Molesey BC.

I want to let you know and invite you down to the boat club on Saturday, as we have a bit of an event that I think will be of interest.

As you know the boat race is on Saturday, and Molesey usually send a crew to race either or both Oxford and Cambridge as part of their preparation for there boat race and our 8s head of the River Race. This year we had to send out our 2nd 8 to race them. They were closely matched, and it ended up 2:1 to Molesey, against both Oxford and Cambridge. With the 8s head coming up on the 2nd April, we (the national team) are now released back to the clubs. With this in mind, we can now field two eights that are faster than the blue boats. As it’s something the club has never done before we want to mark the occasion by having a ‘fixtures’ day this Saturday. And with it being the boat race on the same day, I though it could tie nicely together, and provide a platform to boast a little about the depth of talent we have at Molesey. A local club being better than the established and well funded Boat Race crews!

And to boot, we are aiming to retain the 8’s head pennant. Our 8 is of the highest standard. It would be a little like three quarters of the Esher rugby club 1st 15 being made from the England team, and coming down to play for the weekend. All the guys in the first 8 have worlds caps, and those in the 2nd 8, want them!

On Saturday, we’ll be fielding the top 4 8s, and racing each other, it would make for some great photos, which either we can take or your photographer can do. We’ll put you in a launch, and show you at close hand what 8s can do!
Supreme confidence from the up coming heavy weight mens club in the UK – Leander Club, your days are over?

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