Mike Spraklen’s Rowing Philosophy DVD

If you’re looking for Christmas inspiration, or think your rowing video bookshelf could do with some bulking up, look no further.

The Spraklen Philosophy DVD front cover rowing
The Spraklen Philosophy DVD front cover

Mike Spraklen is probably the most controversial and talented rowing coach of mens eights in the world today.  His career spans Olympics from 1984 to the present day and crews from USA, Canada, UK, Japan and now, Russia.

Kevin Light filmed Mike in conversation answering his questions.

Kevin published the motivation chapter on Row2k.

This is the motivation chapter of a one hour documentary on rowing coach Mike Spracklen. The complete video has background on how Spracklen began his rowing and coaching career as well as chapters on bladework, the human bodies ability to adapt, technique (which includes special behind the scenes video of Mike coaching Silken Laumann in 1990), small boat training, training together in a group, training rates, weights and ergs and a final chapter on MIkes thoughts on successes and failure.

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Read more of Mike’s coaching advice in How to Warm Up for Rowing – the free e book includes a chapter about Mike Spraklen’s pre-race warm up kindly supplied by Dave Calder.

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