Martin McElroy reviews Harry Mahon’s rowing DVDs

Thanks for sending me the DVDs. They’ve been a great reminder of many things that had drifted into the quieter parts of my mind.

Harry had a very definite picture in his mind of how he wanted people to row at any point in time, but he also had a very open minded approach to changing something if it could be demonstrated to be better and make the boat go faster.

The Rowperfect is a perfect place to practice many of the principles that Harry believed in. Harry passionately believed in the harmonious timing of body and boat, a relaxed but powerful interaction of the human engine with a sleek racing craft.  The sliding ergometer head and seat, together with the software offers a level of feedback that can help any athlete improve their understanding of how to connect themselves effectively to a racing boat.

Thanks for putting this together, it’s reconnected me to a special time.

Kind regards,
Martin McElroy
Performance Director
Rowing Ireland High Performance Programme

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