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Why we love Magik Oarlocks

A reader writes Magik oarlock elastic bands We have used the Magik gates for many years and like … read more

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A reader writes

Magik oarlock elastic bands

We have used the Magik gates for many years and like them a lot. We do find that we have to grease them a bit with a waxy grease to ease the squaring/feathering, but once done they are extremely positive.

We have used these gates on our double scull for many years now. The rubber bands give out after about a year or two and we are running short again. We are back on to standard rubber bands at the moment and they don’t work so well.
Magik recommends replacing your elastics every year.

Rowperfect supplies replacement elastic bands 

Get yourself a pair or scull or sweep Magik oarlocks.

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